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You can get some exercise in a modern fitness centre equipped with variety of quality gadgets employing all groups of muscles. The room is air-conditioned and designed to fully meet your training requirements. Our sports trainer is there for consultations and instructions you might need.

In the same area there is a locker room with shower and fan.

Fitness Centre is available for our guests and is included in the price of accommodation.

Pleasant environment and friendly staff will make you visit Fitness Centre to enjoy and to get some benefits at the same time. Many external guests also take adventage of the facility being in the centre of Zlatibor to come to practice in quality conditions, such as ‘Dunav Resort’ can provide.


*For external guests, fitness services are offered at the following prices:

  1. Gym – single term 400 RSD

  2. Gym, monthly rate – 2.200 RSD

  3. Corrective gymnastics, 1 hour – 400 RSD

  4. Hydromassage bath, 30 min – 800 RSD

  5. Sauna, 30 min – 800 RSD




Get to the level of relaxation that you deserve in a pleasant environment of our Mini Spa Centre within Dunav Resort in the centre of Zlatibor. In addition to hydromassage bath and sauna dedicated to body detoxication and relax, our guests can also get attractive massage treatments. These are not included in the price of accommodation.

  • For external guests, Spa Centre services are rendered at the following prices:

  1. Sauna, 30 min - 800 RSD

  2. Hydromassage bath, 30 min – 800 RSD


Choose either the type of massage treatment or some of Spa treatments that will suit you best:

  1. Relax massage 60 min - 2.400 RSD

  2. Relax massage 30 min - 1.300 RSD

  3. Sports massage 45 min - 2.400 RSD

  4. Sports back massage 20 min - 1.300 RSD

  5. Lymph drain 60 min - 2.400 RSD

  6. Lymph drain 30 min – 1.300 RSD

  7. Sports leg massage 20 min – 1.300 RSD

  8. Massage for pregnant women 60 min - 2.400 RSD

  9. Anti-cellulite massage 30 min - 1.200 RSD

  10. “Dunav” aroma-therapy massage 80 min – 3.000 RSD

  11. “Dunav” aroma-therapy massage 45 min – 1.700 RSD

  12. Ayurvedic head massage 20 min - 800 RSD

  13. Reflex foot massage 20 min - 800 RSD

  14. Body peeling 45 min - 1.600 RSD

  15. Wellness package 2 hours (excluding massage) – 2.000 RSD


Special relaxing treatments , friendly staff and smooth music are the basis for a real rest in best conditions. Don’t miss this relaxing opportunity - spend some time with yourself in ‘Dunav Spa Centre’.

Relax treatments and body care will make you feel good and fully relaxed. Imagine such an experience at a beautiful resort with a beautiful mountain area around that will help you ease your pace and get a real feel of peace and joy.... 




Period boravka od 15.07. do 15.08.2021.

Uslov: Minimum 3 noćenja

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Where to go?

On the outskirts of the Zlatibor central area, you can set out for an adventure – you can explore the beauty and vividness of both the nature and cultural & historical heritage.


Congress Tourism

Within our ‘Dunav’ facility situated in the most beautiful part of Zlatibor there is a modern, attractive and spacious hall offered for all types of business meetings and conferences.


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