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Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty. It is featured by mild climate conditions, spacious glades and lush pastures intersected with mountain brooks and coloured by torrential pine trees that this mountain was named after. Average altitude is 1000 meters. 

Zlatibor is located in the western part of Serbia. Salubrity of the mountain is reflected in mild climate conditions. Summers are warm, winters are mild, nival period lasts from October to May.

It is at this very place that mountain air currents collide with marine air currents to improve pulmonary and cardiac conditions, in particular those related to thyroid gland and anemia.

On the outskirts of the Zlatibor central area, you can set out for an adventure – you can explore the beauty and vividness of both the nature and cultural & historical heritage.

We sincerely hope you will have time to reveal the Zlatibor of your own.


Sirogojno is the most famous local ethno-village consisting of houses brought in from all over Zlatibor to preserve traditional spirit of a typical Zlatibor village. You can tour these houses to see household objects used once upon a time in everyday’s family life.

MOKRA GORA is a unique site in the tourist region of Western Serbia. It is from here that you can set out for another unforgettable adventure: ‘Cira’ steam train will take you from Mokra Gora to Visegrad where you will be transferred into a boat to float down the Drina river all the way to Perucac and from there a bus will take you to the mountain of Tara and then back to Mokra Gora. Starting from the local train station ‘Sargan-Vitasi’, you will pass through 22 tunnels and over more than 5 bridges. You can visit Drvengrad or get some healing water from the Bela Voda spring. 


POTPECKA CAVE is one of the 5 caves in Serbia available for sightseeing tours. It is close to the city of Uzice and is considered the most important speleological location in Western Serbia. Even the entrance of the Cave is a breath-taking sight as it is 50 m high - it is one of the largest cave entrances in Balkans . It is also distinctive for its shape resembling a horseshoe. The Petnica river flows out from the Cave to fill numerous fishponds of the trout-growing villages below.


STOPICA CAVE is located close to the village of Rozanstvo on the Zlatibor mountain. Cave entrance is located at 711.18 m altitude and, being 35 m wide and 18 m high, it is a very impressive one. The cave is abt 2,000 m long and 50 m high and is one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. It has got a minor number of spealean ornamentals though.


DRVENGRAD /’Wooden Town’/ is an ethno-village built to look like a town. It is situated between the mountains of Tara and Zlatibor, on Mecavnik Hill above the Mokra Gora village. You can see a lot of interesting sights here. The little Central Square is wood-plated and surrounded by small wooden houses. Emir Kusturica, our famous movie director, named the streets of Drvengrad after famous writers and actors.


GOSTILJE WATERFALL is located close to Zlatibor. The entire waterfall area is a little oasis of intact nature. Harmonious arrangement of moss-covered stones together with water falling from the height of some 20 m is an unforgettable sight. The water is pretty cold; standing aside, you will feel dispersed water drops all over your body and face that will make your day fresh in spite of hot summertime. 


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