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POTPECKA CAVE is one of the 5 caves in Serbia available for sightseeing tours. It is close to the city of Uzice and is considered the most important speleological location in Western Serbia. Even the entrance of the Cave is a breath-taking sight as it is 50 m high - it is one of the largest cave entrances in Balkans . It is also distinctive for its shape resembling a horseshoe. The Petnica river flows out from the Cave to fill numerous fishponds of the trout-growing villages below.


Hospitability, healthy food, nice houses and beautiful surroundings have influenced rural tourism development in the village of Potpec that the Cave was named after. Some archeological remnants found in the Cave such as ceramics, ground dear horns and flint tools originate from the Neolithic Period . Potpecka Cave is protected by law.


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